Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Seth and Laura, June 2010

The beautiful newlyweds!!
On Friday night, I had the privilege of doing the flowers for Seth and Laura's wedding.  Laura works with Travis in student ministries, so this one was a special one to us!  
Groom's bout, a mini calla lily.
Bride's bouquet.  Mostly white with soft touches of yellow.  I wasn't sure how this one was going to turn out, but I have to say, it's one of my very favorites!  
I love the soft contrast of the white with the pale yellow.  The bridesmaids carried simple bouquets of all yellow roses with some little yellow button mums tucked in.  
And I loved them all together!
I had to special order those roses from California, in order to get that soft yellow color.  
They turned out beautifully I think.  They had a huge wedding party, 8 bouquets for her girls!
The color was so distinct, they reminded me of lemon drops the whole time I was making them!
The line-up of all the wedding party bouts.
Groomsmen's bouts matched the bridesmaids, with the same simple, yellow rose.  
They looked great with their pale yellow vests!
And the darling little ring bearer had a bout like the rest of the guys of course!
Mother's corsage and Father's bout.
And lots of others for grandparents, personal attendants, hosts and hostesses, etc.
They chose to have their ceremony in the commons area of our Church.  It offers a gorgeous view with huge windows, but not too many weddings have been out there, so it was a challenge to transform it into a ceremony setting.
Beautiful girls watching Laura get ready to come down the aisle.
We went with a very simple, tailored look.
The unity candle and memorial arrangement had to do double duty because our stage space was so limited.  But, I'm happy with my last minute solution!
Memorial arrangement in honor of family members who have passed away.
Simple way to dress up a unity candle.  Fresh greens laid around the candle.  Doesn't get any easier than that!  But actually, I really love it.  Simple and Classy.
Beautiful, breathtaking view of Laura and her dad!   
We used my aisle runner and cylinders to help dress up the aisle and make it look more bridal and at some point, I decided to try those candleabras at the back of the aisle, because we were running out of stage space again.  I'm glad I did that because I love how they frame the aisle here.
Sweet moment!
For the reception, we again chose a very simple and inexpensive centerpiece.  We used these fun lanterns I have from Pier One with some of the pretty yellow rose petals around the base.
There is a double lantern, pictured above, and this is the single one.  They fit the theme of the room, as it was a garden room with bricks and iron street lights, etc.  
I also scattered some on the head table, in between the vases for the bouquets.
I know some brides freak out over using rose petals, but they can be done tastefully and they are an inexpensive way to create some soft drama.  This was in the center of the head table, where Laura's bouquet was placed.
After a long day of setting up, we raced home to get ready ourselves and get to the wedding!
Ava wanted in on the photo op too :) 
The reception site glowing!  
Congrats Seth and Laura!  
We are so happy for you and pray many blessings on your marriage!!

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