Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jennie and Dave's Wedding, June 2008

Here are some beautiful pictures of the flowers and details we used in my sister Jennie's wedding.  Some of the items shown are also available to rent.
The happy bride and groom.  They are not available for rent :) 
The color scheme for the wedding was chocolate brown, ivory and a touch of red.  
A view of the center aisle and stage.  
Handmade Organza Aisle Runner 
31 inch Glass cylinder
Glass Cylinders of Various Heights- 31", 20", 14" and 12."  Priced Individually or As a Package.
Hanging Silk Rose Ball
Smaller Glass Cylinders, Tabletop Sizes- 10.5", 9", and 6".  Priced Individually or As a Package.
Suitable as Centerpieces or Across a Large Surface in Clusters Shown Here.

Her gorgeous cake, something different than the traditional "white or ivory" color.
Some of the tables had these twisted wire chandeliers.  They gave the room some great height.
We also used these sticks to add some height in that big room.  The urns shown are also available to rent.  
We made these sparkling trees for the 4 family tables that framed the dance floor.  This pictures doesn't do them justice, they were beautiful in person!
A view of half of the ballroom.
Jennie and her incredible bouquet. I didn't do the flowers, I just helped her design them, but this was one of the most beautiful bridal bouquets I have ever seen.  The peonies were just amazing.
A great shot of the wedding party.