Friday, July 31, 2009

Jocelynn and Justin's Wedding, July 2009

Here are some pictures of the first wedding I did last week.  It was a beautiful and intimate backyard wedding, with a big, gorgeous reception afterwards.  As you can see, pink was the color of the night!  It was a pleasure to work on and I loved how everything turned out.
A view of the reception.
The head table.  
They rented all of my large cylinder inventory for this wedding, so there was lots and lots of candlelight.  It was a very romantic look.
I loved this candy table that they created.  Definitely all the rage right now in receptions.  It was very detailed and just beautiful.  It was hard for me not to sample it while I was working!
The family of the groom.  We go to church with them, but I had never met the groom and only talked to his beautiful bride over the phone.  It was fun to finally meet them!  
Grandfather's bout. and Grandmother's corsage.
Father's bout. and Mother's corsage.
Groomsmen's bouts and Groom's bout.
Bridesmaid's bouquet.
We chose lavender as the dominant color for the girls, as they were wearing all pink.
Bridal bouquet.
Jocelynn wanted a very colorful bouquet.  
I usually prefer an all-white bridal bouquet, but I  really did like this when it was all done.  
And as always, whatever the bride wants, she gets :)  
Because the wedding was in the backyard, overlooking a lake, we didn't need much.  Jocelynn wanted a very simple touch, so I wired white cherry blossoms to the arch.  
Simple greens for the aisle.  They also spread pink rose petals down the sides.  
Such a gorgeous look!
Hard to call that a backyard, huh?  
It was really quite breathtaking.
The bouquets and bags of rose petals.
I loved the bouquets with the bridesmaids' dresses.
I did 8 large arrangements like this one to scatter throughout the ballroom.
It's always important to have some height in a large room for balance and variety.
It was a perfect summer night.
The happy couple!  
Congratulations Justin and Jocelynn!

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