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Justin and Christa's Wedding, November 2008

Here are some photos from Christa and Justin's wedding. It was a beautiful wedding, a very BIG wedding, but I loved working on it! It's so fun to pull a fall wedding together!
Some of the flowers I picked up.  We went with a fall palette and the flowers came in so beautifully.  I LOVE those mango and cranberry mini calla lilies.  Aren't they gorgeous?
Some of the flowers and greens we used for the sanctuary, personal flowers, and reception.  I had very detailed notes about where I wanted to use every single stem!
I worked all weekend in Trav's junior high room.  It came in handy to be married to a Pastor and have access to the building when I needed it!  These are some of the eiffel tower centerpieces for the reception.  This is a shot of the first stage when I started adding greens.
The bridal bouquet.  I LOVED this.  It turned out better than I hoped.  Christa wanted mostly white with a touch of color like we used for the rest of the bridal party.  This was one of my favorite bouquets I've ever done, mostly because I love the fall color scheme!
Kind of a blurry shot of the bridesmaids bouquets.  We kept their bouquets very colorful and centered around those gorgeous mango calla lilies.  
A shot of all the bouquets together.  6 bridesmaids' bouquets and the bridal bouquet.
The way the centerpieces looked the night before when I was finished greening them.  I could almost have kept them that way!  I love a mixture of greens.  They were much prettier the next day with flowers however :) 
On Wednesday, we worked on the sanctuary of our church.  We have a huge, huge worship center and it's very hard to pull off a wedding in there.  It's just so mammoth that it took some vision to try and bring this together.  I thought using the pillars at the back of the aisle would help "close off" the back of the church and bring everything forward.  Here is a preliminary shot of what it looked like from the bride's view before she walked down the aisle.
We used my cylinders and floating candles all over the worship center. I wrapped them all with the striped ribbon that we used for the wedding party and the reception.
4 different sizes here, 30", 20", 14" and 12".  They were gorgeous when they were lit and glowing!
A Pastor's view from the front of the aisle looking back at the worship center.  You can get an idea of the scope of size we were working with.  Not easy to do.  We swagged the aisle with white organza and bows.  I don't work with tulle.  I don't like it.  
We also used tons of cylinders and candles on the stage to try and soften the size and make it more intimate.  
The candleabras and columns and of course the very red curtain.  Perfect with a fall color scheme but something to think about for the rest of the year.
The trinity candleabra in the background and unity candle table in the foreground.  We kept it very simple with just greens and some sparkly branches I found at my wholesaler.
Close up of the greens, glitter branches and bow.  I loved how they turned out.
Trinity Candles 
Unity Candle
More cylinders and candles and some flowers honoring Grandparents who have passed away and couldn't be there. 
A view of the completed stage with the austrian curtain dropped.  That curtain really helped bring the whole thing together and make the stage look smaller. 
 Blurry, but you get the idea.  It was very pretty in there with the lights dimmed and candles lit.
 All different kinds of corsages and bouts., for the wedding party and family.  
Fall palette again.
Final Bridesmaid's Bouquet.  
Final Bride's Bouquet.
The toss bouquet for the reception.  It's usually laying next to the cake on the cake table :) 
The urn centerpieces we used for the parent's tables.  Roses, hypericum, and greens.
The finished eiffel tower centerpieces.  53 tables total and we had these on 12 of the tables.
A close up of what I put in them.  Roses, orchids, hypericum, daisies, mums, and mini carns.  
The commons area of our church where the reception was held.  It snowed that day and the view out the windows that night was GORGEOUS!!  Picture this with low lights and candlelight...Very pretty!
After we lit the candles and before the wedding started.  Such a pretty glow in the room.
The tables that didn't have flowers had 3 of my cylinders with more floating candles.  They were just as pretty with the glow of the ribbon :)  Seeing that salad makes me hungry again!
The girls in the bridal party.  They wore black dresses and that was a perfect backdrop for their flowers!  
A bridesmaid and groomsman.    
The groom, Justin, and one of his groomsmen.  I especially loved Justin's bout.  I made sure to match it with Christa's bouquet.  
The bride's parents.   
The groom's parents
Christa and her bridesmaids.   
The happy couple, two Pastor's kids :) Congratulations Justin and Christa!  

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